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Concept , detailed design and manufacture for an exhibition at PEER gallery in London


Client - Savinder Bual


Location - London


Year - 2021


Status - Completed

'Fade' is a water-powered slide projector, made from wood and ceramic. 

Drips of water operate a shutter that rises and falls like the tide.

An opaque shutter is attached to wires hung from a spring. A vessel attached to the bottom of the wires slowly fills with water contained in a vessel above. The weight of the water drip by drip gradually pulls the shutter over an inverted 35mm slide of a seascape. 


The image is flipped the right way up by a lens. The shutter subtly vibrates in synchrony with the water dripping as it obscures the ensuing projection. This creates a pulsing apparition of a seascape that appears to be disappearing, flooding perhaps. All the while accompanied by the sound of water transferring from one vessel to the other.

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